Friday, September 4, 2009

material culture; bodies well & ill; London ethnography

from Sept. 3, 2009 digest of Anthropologist About Town

 The comfort of things

new ethnography by professor Daniel Miller called 'The comfort of things'. Daniel Miller is an anthropologist who specialises in teaching and researching material culture at UCL. The book is the result of research he conducted on a single street in London. Dr. Miller and his researchers asked residents of a particular street to discuss the stories, histories and significance of certain objects they hold dear to them in their houses. For anyone interested in material culture this is a fascinating read! If you are interested in learning more about material culture take a look at this website.

Exquisite Bodies

the Welcome Collection for a look at life size wax figures whose bodies have been cross sectioned in order to see internal organs , and in some cases lifelike representations of what happens to a body when it is attacked by diseases such as tuberculosis, alcohol and drug addiction. The models were used in the 19th century for medical teaching purposes. For more information about events, activities and videos accompanying the exhibit take a look here. The exhibit will run until the 18th of October 2009.

anthropological research in London?

FiLo presentations by anthropologists Daniel Miller and John Eade is a growing network of anthropologists who are undergoing fieldwork in London... The workshop will include keynote talks by anthropologists John Eade and Daniel Miller, as well as poster presentations by FiLo members, discussion of future Filo projects, and a guided walk of central London. For more information and registration or visit the Filo's website.

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