Monday, January 25, 2010

all about Practicing Anthropologists

The four field approach to anthro in North America comes from its 1800s roots: trying to understanding and inter-relate the scores of Native peoples at the time and the earlier societies leaving an imprint on the land. Archeology, linguistics, biological or physical anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Later in the 20th century the fifth field was added: Applied Anthropology.

Here is a synopsis from the website of the National Association of Practicing Anthropology,

Practicing Anthropologists

Practicing anthropologists do exciting work to understand and help people around the world. We also turn up in places you might not expect to find us, including the fields of agriculture, computer science, law enforcement forensics, and more.
Our profession is dynamic and constantly evolving into more opportunities for professional anthropologists. The links, at left, contain many examples of anthropology in action, and interesting information for the public, the press and educators. You can also locate a local organization dedicated to anthropology and share and view upcoming events related to our field.


Areas of Practice

Practicing anthropologists work in many industries and areas, including:
  • Agricultural Development
  • Business – Product Design
  • Business – Project Management
  • Business – Program Management
  • Business – Research and Development
  • Computer Science – Database Design and Development
  • Computer Science – Software Design and Development
  • Computer Science – User Interface Design
  • Community Development
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Education and Training
  • Environment – Management
  • Environment – Policy
  • Government – Local/Regional/Federal
  • Government – Military
  • Government – International Policy
  • Information Technology – Human Factors Engineering
  • Information Technology – Localization and Globalization
  • Information Technology – Network Design and Administration
  • Law Enforcement – Forensics
  • Legal Practices
  • Medical – Health Care
  • Medical – Public Health
  • Museums – Curation
  • Museums – Program Managers
  • Organizational Management
  • Nonprofit – Grant Writing
  • Nonprofit – Management
  • Nonprofit – Policy
  • Social Services
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