Thursday, February 18, 2010

language - possible or probably Made-up Words

...from "The Meaning Of Liff", a creation of John Lloyd and Douglas Adams:

Aberbeeg: Of amateur actors, to adopt a Mexican accent when called upon to play any variety of foreigner (except Pakistanis - from whom a Welsh accent is considered sufficient).

Ewelme: The smile bestowed on you by an air hostess.

Liff: A book, the contents of which are totally belied by its cover. For instance, any book the dust jacket of which bears the words. 'This book will change your life'.

Meathop: One who sets off for the scene of an aircraft crash with a picnic hamper.

Peoria: The fear of peeling too few potatoes.

Scraptoft: The absurd flap of hair a vain and balding man grows long above one ear to comb it to the other ear.

Thrupp: To hold a ruler on one end on a desk and make the other end go bbddbbddbbrrbrrrrddrr.

Ventnor: One who, having been visited as a child by a mysterious gypsy lady, is gifted with the strange power of being able to operate the air-nozzles above aeroplane seats.

Yarmouth: To shout at foreigners in the belief that the louder you speak, the better they'll understand you.

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