Thursday, April 7, 2011

mapping Online Dating word choices

Visualizations of online dating language,

R. Luke DuBois... became fascinated with the language used in the profiles. So he overlaid data from 19 million online dating profiles onto US maps.
[interview with Turnstyle magazine] ...In addition to color-coded maps by gender, he also scanned a Rand-McNally Road Atlas into his computer and replaced the city names with unique words. "Not the word people used the most [in their dating profiles] – but the word that was used uniquely in that place – the word that shows up there more than anywhere else," said DuBois.  The atlas maps are labelled with 20,000 unique words. He rattled off some combinations:
Dallas – "rich"     Houston – "symphony"     Santa Cruz – "liberal"
Atlanta – "God," "company," "coca," "jazz," "protestant"

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