Thursday, May 23, 2013

San Francisco, CA (underwater) archeology - Whaling Ship

Breaking the Candace: The 300 Spear Street Project
     The Candace was a whaler built in Boston in 1818 that was discovered buried beneath San Francisco that was excavated by Dr. Jim Allan and
archaeologists from William Self Associates,  Fresh from a voyage to the Arctic, the Candace limped into San Francisco leaking badly.  It was
condemned and never sailed again.
     The archaeological investigation revealed not only the Candace but also a ship breaking yard where Chinese laborers dismantled vessels and recycled
their component parts.  All these aspects of 19th century life in San Francisco are covered in the three galleries that comprise the online exhibit.  Breaking the Candace features a video introduction by Dr. Allan, slideshows, an interactive poster, site plans, a PDF version of the report, and video footage of the wreck being lifted from the site.

Tour the exhibit by clicking the link at the MUA,

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