Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Teaching with heritage in secondary education

Dear Colleague

We would like to inform you of another European heritage project, HEREDUC, a European partnership, formed with the aim of developing new approaches to heritage education. The project has developed a handbook for teachers entitled Heritage in the Classroom and an In-service Training Course. For more information about these and other HEREDUC activities, please consult their website, at www.hereduc.net.

Next spring, from April 24th to May 1st 2008 the in-service training

course: "Teaching with heritage in secondary education" will be organised for the second time in the historic castle of Alden Biesen in Bilzen, Belgium (www.alden-biesen.be). Beginning with a theoretical introduction to what heritage and heritage education is, the course will go on to explore the castle of Alden Biesen and the surrounding area as a case studythrough observation and exploration exercises, active workshops and guided visits.

This course is primarily aimed at secondary school teachers and teacher trainers, however others working in the heritage sector can also apply for a European grant to participate. You will find more information about this in the attached promotion leaflet for the course.

We would greatly appreciate your help in informing your colleagues in your country or institution about this course. A free copy of Heritage in the Classroom can be obtained by contacting Ms. Veerle de Troyer at veerle.de.troyer@g-o.be.

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