Monday, December 3, 2007

Welcome colleagues teaching anthropology

Following the successful "Anthropolgy Goes to High School" discussion forum (Nov. 28, 2007) and poster session (Nov. 30) at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, I've set up this mechanism for gathering your links and vivid excerpts for teaching anthro to and with young people. I believe attached images and audio files will also be "live" when you send your posting via email. I'll write separately to those involved in the session with the access code so each person can freely add content to this website at
-- Guven Witteveen, anthroview@gmail. (dotCom)

==== URLs mentioned at the sessions ==== is the DVD "anthropology - real careers, real people" is the traveling exhibit URL; a set of 3 short movies derived from the project will go out to AAA members upon request to Peggy Overbey, poverbey@aaanet DotOrg. by David Homa,
using "gabcast" to add audio "mini-lectures," by RAI's roving Public Education Officer with links and reports of anthro events and opportunities in London and around the UK is about the London Anthropology Day to raise interest and awareness in young people - Maybe do something analogous at 2008 aaa meeting in San Francisco? has excerpts and links spotted from time to time by GPWitteveen; see also his leads

subscribing to e-list for k12 anthro teaching, maintained at AAA, is the home for the American Foreign Academic Research (Mat Saunders) is an innovative teacher development model comprising about 30 school teachers from surround districts and about 30 grad students (mainly Ed School) at Michigan State U. The monthly meetings help to personalize the wide world for both parties. See the presentation by Guven Witteveen, gives short narrated; audio slideshows using software uses a different method to create Interactive Essays (text, hotlinks, audio, images) is a directory of free (mp3 format) audio recordings by genre is a database with lessons, announcements, opportunities for international education and are well received methods for movie and audio slideshow distribution. Diverse education technology references, methods and links are gathered at

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